Sony India Introduces HX850 Series Bravia


Sony  Bravia HX850 Series
Sony Bravia HX850 Series

Experience vivid, life like pictures no matter what you are watching, in 2D or 3D; from Full HD Blu-ray to low resolution web videos. The room defining HX850 Series HDTV offers the most authentic images available with Sony’s X-Reality TM PRO Video processing, as well as simple connectivity to your other devices. Explore an abundance of entertainment with an increasing number of custom applications built just for your TV; including automatic updates.

With the new eco-friendly feature, you can maximize your TV’s power saving potential while continuously giving the best quality. This sleek, frameless design uses unique technology to boost contrast, brightness and provides a brilliant picture.

Picture Quality

• X-Reality TM PRO – Enjoy the very best image quality from any 3D or 2D video source. ‘Super-Resolution Optimized by Database & Multi-Frame Analysis’ scrutinizes scenes pixel-by-pixel and frame by frame. Drawing on its vast database of shapes and patterns, X-Reality PRO optimizes texture, sharpness and color while minimizing noise. Human faces receive optimal processing for beautifully natural results. Video through HDMI input is optimized while text remains crisp and easy to read. Super Bit Mapping for Video (SBM-V) ensures smooth, even colour gradations.

• 3D Super Resolution – Take your 3D viewing experience to the next level – whether you’re watching the latest Blu-ray Disc™ movies or TV broadcasts. Using the full power of X-Reality PRO, 3D Super-resolution optimizes each area of the 3D image by drawing on its database of patterns, shapes and textures. 3D Super-resolution distinguishes near and far objects, applying near-field super-resolution processing to increase 3D feeling, while far-field super-resolution algorithm to improve clarity for distant objects. The result is an ultra-realistic, next-generation 3D viewing experience.

• MotionflowTM XR800 – Experience smoothest, sharpest and clearest TV images, whatever you’re watching! Motionflow XR800/960 combines BRAVIA’s native 200/240Hz panel with new image interpolation, LED backlight blinking and IB Reduction to achieve dramatically smoother, sharper, clearer and more natural images. You’ll enjoy a silk-smooth on-screen look with fast-moving sports, movies, animation and more. There’s a choice of ‘Smooth’, Standard’, ‘Clear’, ‘Clear Plus’ and ‘Impulse’ modes that control backlight blinking to suit the program and your viewing tastes.

• 4x High Speed 3D Panel – 4x High Speed 3D panel action appears precise and smooth as the camera pans to follow a kickoff or a long putt. Fast-action scenes remain fluid as images are inserted between frames. Even the quickest camera movements look natural with less judder and reduced blur.

Monolithic Design-Concept to creation

Stunningly slender, this new pure Monolithic Design combines a thin 0.7mm single-surface of glass, contrasting materials and seamless edges. The new Bunchin stand features a beautiful floating appearance and adds integrated speakers giving you better sound quality. You will be amazed by the lightness of this Television.

Sony Internet TV:

• Sony Entertainment Network – Experience Internet TV at its easiest

With one button, explore a world of entertainment possibilities. It’s your personal concierge, guiding you to the best content and apps.
BRAVIA Internet Video makes your television a true all-in-one entertainment centre that allows customers to access their favourite video websites straight on a BRAVIA. Sony Internet televisions enable the customers to search the internet for content from the comfort of their living room, thanks to the in-built browser.

• BRAVIA Apps – Easy Access to more Apps

Opera TV Store- Bringing a collection of downloadable web apps that are optimised for the big screen; Opera TV Store offer consumers a way to enjoy online content and apps in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

Indian Apps- Sony has collaborated with India’s leading content providers to design unique applications for its Indian customers. BRAVIA LED TVs are equipped with special applications like: Sony Entertainment Network, STAR, BIGFlix , FridayMoviez, Times Internet Limited (, Bollywood Hungama, What’s-On-India.

• Skype – Stay in touch with friends and family, wherever they are in the world. BRAVIA lets you make the most of Skype – the world’s most popular internet voice and video telephony service. Enjoy crisp, clear video calls or join conference calls. It’s more fun and comfortable than sitting in front of your PC, and with no fiddly headsets to worry about.

• Social Networking – Seamlessly social network while watching TV. Keep pace with your Facebook news feeds and click on Friends’ Likes, links, photos and videos. Watch your twitter timeline and follow other people’s tags & links.

• Wi-Fi Built-in: Maximize your entertainment while reducing cable clutter. Wirelessly stream HD entertainment straight from the internet or your home network.

BRAVIA Intelligent Connect

• Content Throw: Enrich your TV experience by linking your TV to tablet, Smartphone or PC. Virtually throw photos, music and videos from your portable device to enjoy it on the big screen. Using Wi-Fi Direct, friends and relatives can stream content to your TV without connecting to your home network.

• Media Remote: Now there’s one less remote control on the coffee table. Just download the free Media Remote app and turn your mobile device into a versatile remote control with a full QWERTY keyboard. It makes changing channels and typing searches fast and convenient.

• Wi-Fi Direct Mode: Enjoy all of your personal content on the big screen from your mobile devices. In Wi-Fi Direct Mode, visiting friends and relatives can even throw content to TV without connecting to your home network. You can use Media Remote in Wi-Fi Direct Mode.

The new HX850 series is available in all Sony Centers and other major electronic stores across India.

KDL-55HX850Rs. 209,900Currently available
KDL-46HX850Rs. 123,900Currently available
KDL-40HX850Rs. 93,900Currently available

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