Repair Crashed WordPress Tables – Step By Step Procedure

Repair Crashed WordPress Tables using simple trick

How to Repair Your Crashed wp_posts Table ?

How to Repair Your Crashed wp_posts Table ?

Today i have shocked to check one of my popular blog, its showing the message nothing found.

OMG What happened ?, I checked my other blogs, no problem for others.

Then i checked the WordPress Admin, Posts, Nothing there :(, its  around 2000 Posts, last month back up is there, but this month i have added lot of posts.

Then I just login to cpanel and open phpmyadmin, Open the table **_posts, Its shown the message

Your table is crashed and need a repair, i searched the repair button, i got it from the front page, repaired and fixed problem. :).

If anybody facing this, please go to your phhmyadmin and select the database

Select the crashed table and choose the option Repair Table. we can very easily repair, optimize, analyze, import, exports etc through phpmyadmin area. its better to take a website back up before you doing any actions in mysql database. Repair Crashed WordPress Tables can be fix through by selecting tables in php myadmin area. you need cpanel access to do this, there are lot of free optimize plugins available. but if the tables crashed you can’ login to wordpress admin area. in such situations you can check this method.

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