Indian Ad Networks – My Experience With Komli Media

Komli media review – Adsense Alternatives for Indian Bloggers

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Hi friends, I would like to share my experience with you, i hope this will help you to choose right ad networks.

I tried lot of ad networks, still testing some networks to analyze their performance. I have some bad experience with some ad networks, after reaching the minimum Payout they cheated me with out paying the money, even no more responses to my mails.

First I would like to explain my experience with Komli. Komli is an Indian Ad Network, its a reputed ad network, The main advantage of  Komli is publisher approval is simple. They are paying for conversions, i mean leads.

They are paying on time and their customer relation is also good. i am using Komli ads in my websites as an Adsense Supplement. i am very much happy with Komli. their ecpm is less (for me), My mainstream revenue is Adsense.

People searching for Alternatives for Adsense or Supplements for Adsense can try Komli, if your clicks producing good conversion rates you can earn some $.

You can ban selected Ads, You can also send a request to their customer support to stop these ads.

Ad Networks – My Experience – Komli

Check the screen shot to get a clear idea about earnings, you can see 10 Clicks (Komli ads i am using at Sites footer) 1 conversion and 2.46 $ revenue.

You can Check Komli from here.

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