Ambrane P 2000 Power Bank With 20800mAh Capacity Priced at Rs 1699/

Ambrane P 2000 Power Bank Review, Price, Specifications

Ambrane P2000 Power Bank
Ambrane P2000 Power Bank

Ambrane P 2000 Power Bank With 20800mAh Capacity Priced at Rs 1699 With Triple USB Ports, Samsung/LG cells and It’s Made in India.

. Clad in White with grey Mosaic.
. Triple output (Ports 1A, 2.1A and 2.1A)
. 20800mAh Samsung/LG cells
. Easy to carry
. Shield from high temperature, Short circuit
. Inbuilt LED indicator and torch.
. Charged Smart phones 7 to 8 times.
. Withstand 500 power cycles

A Power bank like no other, P-2000 is clad in White with Grey Mosaic built, simple and high capacity, with easy to handle body, and seamlessly splicing design for everyday use. If you want something stylish that packs plenty of power, then P-2000 could be it.

Ambrane P2000 Power Bank
Ambrane P2000 Power Bank

This power bank’s high power capacity makes it great for charging multiple devices, especially considering its 3 USB charging ports. The device focuses on offering USB charging of different amperage (the ports with 1A, 2.1A and 2.1A), for simultaneous charging, to charge your gadgets around the clock.  It also offers a conversion rate of 80 percent, & automatically adjusts output based on the device. The ultra large capacity of power is sufficiently enabled for talk time and support with multimedia devices, along with the ability to withstand 500 power cycles in its lifetime beginning a new battle in Power!

Fabricated with LG/Samsung Li-ion Cells P-2000 can fully charge most smart phones upto 7 to 8times.

The powerbank is not only efficient but technologically intuitive as well. Its multiple chipset protection provides better security features. Crafted with keeping safety in mind – The device monitors output current and shuts off when current exceeds the maximum limit to protect the device. Furthermore, the device is well protected from High temperatures, short circuits, over discharge and electromagnetic fields.

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